We are a bilingual Czech-German kindergarten for children aged 2-6. The school was founded in 2005 and offers a programmeme with qualified teachers who are native Czech and German speakers. A sufficient number of teachers-to-pupils per class allows us to provide individual and quality care for all children. We take individual and loving care of the youngest children in the “Küken” class, for whom we have prepared a safe environment and a programme appropriate to their age. In the “Enten” class, we discover the world with children from three years of age, and support their natural curiosity and joy of learning new things. We offer a special programme to pre-schoolers in the “Schwalben” group and prepare them for entry into Czech, German and/or international schools. The kindergarten is located in a beautifully renovated family villa with a garden in a quiet part of Prague’s Vinohrady district. The kindergarten has two classes, with a total capacity of 40 children.


In the “Küken” class, we care for children aged 2 to 3 years in a small group of up to 15 children. These young children need a safe environment in which they feel good before they can learn new things. Teachers speak to children using the “one person – one language” principle, which means that the teacher speaks only in their mother tongue, Czech or German. There are one German and two Czech teachers that care for children in the Küken class.
During the first days of school, the child always stays in the kindergarten with one parent (or another person familiar to him). In this way, the parents get to know the environment of the kindergarten, children and teachers from a safe proximity. Gradually, the parent leaves the nursery for short periods of time, increasing the length of time each day. This adaptation phase is always done on an individual basis according to the needs of the particular child and upon agreement of parents and teachers. It is very important for us that the child does not feel left out in the kindergarten, but that she or he feels confident and safe in the group. At the same time, we want parents to leave the school with the feeling that their child is well cared for during the day.


Children between the ages of 3 and 6 attend the “Enten” class. Children during this age have a desire to explore the world. We support their natural interest in the kindergarten and develop various activities and projects in which we seek solutions together with the children. We develop communication, speaking skills and vocabulary by means of rhymes, songs and common conversation. Children have the opportunity to express their opinions, but they also learn to respect others and give them space. We also develop the children’s motor and cognitive skills. We also do this with older children who are in the Schwalben preschool group. The language concept is based on the immersion method. Teachers speak to children using the “one person – one language” principle, which means that the teacher speaks only in their mother tongue, Czech or German. The immersion method is very effective as it works on the same principle as children learn their native language from their parents. Two German and two Czech teachers care for children in the Enten class.
Weather permitting, we go to the garden daily with children, regularly go on trips and walks and once a week we workout together in the gymnasium. We make sure that children have enough space for their own free play, which prepares them later for “real life”. It is during the free play that they develop not only perception, thinking and learning, but also the ability to feel, which is the basis for interpersonal relationships.
Every year we also offer children a 3-month swimming course.
The programme in the “Enten” class is also complemented by a wide range of after-school clubs in Czech and German.


We offer preschool to children from the “Enten” group in Czech and German languages several times a week. For these activities, we group kids from the Enten class into pre-schoolers (Swallows) and younger children. We work with both groups on age-appropriate projects that support the children’s independence, deepen their knowledge and strengthen their sense of belonging to the collective. We strive to support and maintain the children’s natural desire to learn, which is one of the basic preconditions for their success at school. In the case of preschool children, we support the further development of their skills in various targeted activities, especially in the following areas: emotional and social competence, communication skills (language), work with numbers, graphomotorics, speech therapy, concentration and attention retention. In the area of pre-school education, we cooperate especially with the Kladská Primary School in Prague 2.

Class/ Time

Children from 2 to 3 years

Children from 3 to 6 years


7:30 – 9:00 Children arrive, free play, creative time Children arrive, free play, creative time Children arrive, free play, creative time
9:00 Morning circle Morning circle Morning circle
9:30 Snack Snack Snack
10:00 – 12:00 Creative activties, projects, language, outside playtime Creative activties, projects, language, outside playtime Creative activties, projects, language, activities for pre-schoolers, outside playtime
11:30 – 13:00 Lunch, hygiene, naptime Lunch Lunch
13:00 – 14:30 Naptime Naptime, calm activities, free play Calm activities, free play
14:30 – 15:00 Afternoon snack Afternoon snack Afternoon snack
15:00 – 15:30 Afternoon circle Afternoon circle Afternoon circle
15:30 – 18:00 Free play, creative activities, outside playtime, joining classes Free play, creative activities, outside playtime Free play, creative activities, activities for pre-schoolers outside playtime
18:00 – 20:00 Evening club Evening club Evening club

The basis of our pedagogical work is the pedagogy of Armin Krenz, which is based on situationally oriented planning.
Our most important task is to guide and support children in finding and exploring the outside world and helping them to gain a positive view of themselves.
We treat each child individually according to their needs. Our teachers consider themselves to be the child’s guide and caters to his/her development and educational process individually.
Trust is a prerequisite for establishing a good relationship between the teacher and child. Only a happy child who feels confident and likes going to kindergarten can happily learn and conquer the world! Enjoyable, reliable and respectful teachers are very important for the child’s further development, as the child develops a relationship of trust with them. We place special emphasis on the planning of the first days of a child in kindergarten, which we adapt specifically to the needs of each child and his/her parents.
Continuous observation of children is the most important part of our educational work. By observing, we learn what strengths and needs individual children have, what topics they are interested in, where they need our support and what developmental stage they are going through. We record and evaluate our observations together. This documentation is primarily used for regular consultations with parents. The result of our child development documentation is a portfolio in which we capture the different developmental and educational phases of the child. Together with the child we create a book that contains photographs, drawings, ideas, works, portraits, ideas, handprints, favourite songs and important moments in the child’s development. Every child gets their own “kindergarten diary” when they leave our school.
A detailed training programme is available at the preschool director’s office.

Our kindergarten focuses on children’s bilingual education using the so-called immersion method. Immersion means “diving into language”. Teachers speak to children on the basis of the “one person – one language” principle only in their mother tongue, Czech or German. The immersion method is very effective as it works on the same principle as children learning their native language from their parents. Language is not taught to children by interpreting grammar or by repeating vocabulary, but by hearing teachers or other children speak the language. The meaning of words is easy for children to understand, as teachers accompany their speech by gestures or facial expressions. All teachers in our team are native speakers in their appropriate language. Growing up in a bilingual family or visiting a bilingual kindergarten allows the child to learn two languages without much effort. Early language learning in children usually leads to perfect pronunciation. In our kindergarten, we strive to achieve balanced bilingual education by keeping the child in contact with both languages equally and often. If a child refuses to speak one language, we do not exert pressure on him/her, but the teacher continues to speak to him/her in their mother tongue. Usually after some time the child will start to speak again. It is very important that the child does not feel pressured, which could block his/her attitude towards the weaker language even more. Since our Czech-German kindergarten opened, we have met a number of bilingual and multilingual families and a large number of different language combinations in the child’s family and surroundings. Every new child and his/her language situation is a big challenge for us!

Great kindergarten. Even greater staff. 

We wanted to give our child a multi-lingual environment for language development. Our child already has Czech and English at home, and we wanted to add German to the mix. After having had a look at a few kindergartens and daycare centers, we decided on Kids Company, not solely because it is a Czech/German kindergarten, but because of the very positive impression the staff made on us. Our child is always happy to go to school and completely adores the teachers. I highly recommend Kids Company if you are a parent looking to expand your child’s horizons. Sanan, 20.02.2019 

Happy children 

I would like to share my great experience with Kids Company Praha. I’ve chosen this kindergarten not only because of the development of the Czech and German language, but also for the pleasant environment and excellent treatment of all children and their parents. There always prevails a pleasant atmosphere in the kindergarten, you can see a very professional and at the same time comfortable and home-like relation to the children. For me as the mother it was very important to know, that my daughter is in good hands. The best proof was the fact, that she was every day looking forward to the kindergarten and all her teachers. I’m sure she will always enjoy looking back to the times spent with her friends in Kids Company. Olga Brantová, 20.09.2017 

Great kindergarten 

Our daughter joined the Kids Company for approx. 4 years and I have to tell we were very satisfied and especially the improvement what the kindergarten did over the last 12-18 months with engaging more German speaking teachers over the exchange program was really great! We can recommend this kindergarten warmly and it is a very safe place for kids and all the teachers support the individual development of your child***** Robert Vukelic, 12.09.2017 

Thank you 

I would like to thank to Kids company Prague team for an excellent and enthusiastic work with kids. our son started visiting this kindergarten two years ago when he was 2 and since that time, he became very creative and skillful boy who understands and slowly starts speaking German, even if we are complete Czech family. I appreciate the attitude of the teachers entertaining and educating children in interesting, playful and educational programs, events and work. time to time we also use the opportunity of night baby-sitting ensured by the teachers. I would like to recommend kids company Prague to all the families who want they children to spent time out of home in friendly, happy and smart company with nice people and kids. Lucie, 28.02.2018 

Great kindergarten and even better teachers 

Kids company is really a great kindergarten and absolutely recommendable! Our son was two years there and he loved this kindergarten and his teachers. He learned so much there and made a lot of friends. I can’t say enough about the teachers, finding them has been such a blessing, they gave our son an amazing preschool experience and he still talk about memories he made there. This is the kindergarten that you want your child to attend! Alma Heinz, 25.10.2016 

First choice for German speaking or bilingual families 

Kids Company is a great place for kids. I consider it the Nr.1 choice for German speaking families (or Czech-German), because it’s the only kindergarten of this type in Prague with relatively long opening hours (until 6pm). Other similar places have either shorter opening hours, or have also English during the day (which at least for us is too much because that would be the 4rd language for our 2 kids). The kids are split in 3 groups depending on age, and the daily routines and activities are structured so that the needs in every age group are taken into account. The staff is absolutely professional and very friendly, Czech and German native speakers. The house has a nice garden with their own playground, and the kids spend a lot of time outside. Obviously, the location is very central and well connected to public transport. Our kids love it, we can only recommend… Karin Soosova, 21.02.2016

Very nice kindergarten – loving teachers!

Our daughters spent three years at KidsCompany. Our girls will always miss their kindergarten, where there spend so many happy hours. The staff is so great with the kids. It is a nice and small kindergarten – very reliable, clean&safe and with a lot of attention to the kids. Small groups help the kids to develop and learn fast. Highly recommended!
Jan-Michael Hagemann, 12.02.2020